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Anatomy of Solar Panels
Solar panels are essentially thin wafers of pure silicon that are carefully compiled together to create electricity. The silicon that is used in solar panels has to be extremely pure to facilitate the transmission of electrons. When tiles of alternative positive and negative silicon wafers are hit by sunlight it facilitates the release of neutrons. This reaction generates a magnetic field that causes the negatively charged neutrons to stick to the silicon and thus creates electric current. The current thus generated is stored in an inverter and guided into the home.

Sustainable Energy Solution
Solar energy is increasingly looked upon as the one stop solution for cleaner and greener energy. The conventional methods of producing electricity are being depleted at an alarming rate and besides they give off toxic byproducts. The steady rise in the demand and prices of fossil fuel and increasing concerns of global warming has made solar power the energy solution of choice.

It always helps to work towards being a part of the environment rather than against it. By using the solar cycles to quench our energy needs we are in fact integrating our needs with the preservation of nature. Solar housing panels can go a long way in slashing your winter heating and summer cooling costs. The idea centers on a fairly basic phenomenon known as "insulation". If you insulate your home you are basically inhibiting the flow of heat between your living space and the environment.

Passive V/s Active Energy
Passive energy is a more sustainable form of energy, as they require fewer resources to craft and maintain. Unlike Active Energy, they do not rely on fossil fuels or artificial refrigerants. Passive system is designed to make use of the natural energy from the sun to heat/cool buildings. The most critical elements in building a solar housing is orientation and materials.

Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. Solar housing design concepts
Our primary focus is to use passive solar energy to design a house that allows for efficient use of the resources at hand. This translates to high level insulation, recycling of resources, emission of low toxic materials, energy efficient heating appliances and appropriate landscaping. We understand that affordability and sustainability are two sides of the same coin and the existence of one without the other serves little purpose.

This is why we strive to use affordable and common materials to design our solar housing projects. For instance, we use a massive water drum that serves to create thermal mass, a critical element in passive solar heating. These will replicate the effects of concrete but at almost half the cost. We also adopt unconventional building techniques to further cut down your building costs. One method is to bypass the
convention stick frame method for the more affordable post-and-beam units. Besides  creating a more stable framing system these also require lesser wood. However, the most significant reduction in construction costs is achieved by the adoption of 4'x8' sheet prefabricated wall systems which can be then placed between the posts. These are just a few of our low cost solar housing designs, for more details free to contact us.

Housing solutions- Solar operated eco dome
we take the privilege to introduce you a unique and exciting product to make our world more beautiful, A High quality, sustainable, environment friendly, affordable "Modular Housing Solution" For the growing population of executive bachelors and couples in the region .

The Eco Dome is a revolutionary energy efficient portable light weight housing solutions by employing spherical geometry, it is rust proof, rain proof, sound proof, wind proof, fire resistant, cyclone rated, with pre engineered high-tech aerospace composite material. The Eco Dome can be easily assembled and dismantled in few hours by two or three people. The durable exterior and insulated interior of the Eco Dome provide complete protection from the elements – including 100 + mph, Category 5 hurricane winds.
We feel that this Green energy concept will surely address and give a tailor made solution to the growing housing problems and energy crises in the Gulf regions. Please feel free to contact us for understanding the limitless possibilities and other value added featured applications.
We invite your creative business proposals like short term leasing , Eco- tourism and immediate utilization of prime land / backwaters / sea shores which kept for future potential projects.

We look forward to penetrate into the growing Asian housing –renewable energy market for building a brighter tomorrow by making a better world together.

Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. Advantage
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. attributes its success in implementing sustainable energy solutions to years of experience in the sector. Our presence in the field enables s to come up with innovative solutions every single time.

Using the right building materials such as concrete or masonry can enhance the effectiveness of solar trapping. Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. adopts a designing methodology of combining the two to provide a more effective insulation. It takes a professional solar housing expert to gauge the right blend of materials in order to render the house comfortable year around. This is why we always insist that you place your solar housing needs with a firm that has been involved with varied projects
Bulding Orientation
The orientation of a building is a crucial element in a solar housing project. Solar energy homes are heavily reliant on the sun's intensity and it should be imperative that the building is designed to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. The east-west axis is the most preferred orientation for a solar housing with the glazing on the south wall. This arrangement allows the house to receive maximum sunlight for the longest direction.
Cost Cutting
  • Solar technology has come a long way from its initial status as expensive and complex to that of an affordable and straightforward technology. Solar energy can provide hot water, generate electricity, light buildings and to heat or cool living spaces. A conventional solar energy system can reduce energy requirements for water heating by almost two-thirds.
  • Many have a wrong notion that installing solar solutions is an expensive investment. On the contrary solar energy systems can cut down on expensive installation charges, as they require the bare minimum of wiring. Newer advances in the solar technologies have allowed for some slick variations of the mundane solar lamp. One of them is the motion activated security lighting, these floodlights turns on whenever someone approaches and can be used in garages, driveways and pool decks.
  • The cost of designing and erecting a solar housing is much lower compared to conventional housing. The solar powered architecture allows for a significant cut down on maintenances and material costs.
  • An ingenious mode of plumbing allows the solar heater to be directly connected to preexisting water supply. A thermostat constantly measures the set temperature against that of the water flowing in and as soon as it drops below the preset temperature the heater starts functioning. Adopting solar water heating solutions could cut your energy bill by almost 50%.
Diverse deployment options
  • The potential for solar energy is not by any means limited to heating water. It can serve as an excellent mode of heating system for your house.
  • A solar ventilation system can maintain a pleasant indoor temperature even during the harshest of winters. A device known as solar collector can drain the heat away from your living spaces during summer.
  • The race to invent greener energy solutions has spawned a lot of innovations including solar powered iPod chargers, phone chargers, solar powered outdoor tent and LED house numbers.
  • Many of us might have run into the dilemma of not having an outdoor plug socket to power a garden fountain. Decorative solar fountains serves to be the perfect solution; these are self-contained units that require no power.
  • Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. can also help you blend cutting edge solar technologies with reliable water pump solutions to help you create a soothing ambience sans any frills.
The correct solar orientation it is possible to create balmy sun bathed spaces for winter and cool shaded spots for the summer months. The ratio of the south facing glass to floor area plays a critical element in conserving energy and we base our work on this core methodology. The roof hang and the thermal mass are the two other factors that require considerable attention when designing a solar housing model.

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