Cold Chain Infrastructure
A cold chain process forms a critical element in prolonging the shelf life of chemicals, drugs and food products. Refrigeration is a widely preferred mode of food preservation process thanks to its ability to preserve the inherent properties of foodstuff.

Every year, nations around the world lose billions in wastage of perishable agricultural products due to mismanaged post harvest activities like transport and storage. The wastage is a staggering 25% of the total production accounted.
Unrivaled cold storage solutions
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has been in the forefront in adopting the newest technologies and complying with the latest market trends. We have strived to minimize the time interval between picking/harvesting/milking/slaughtering and cooling. This stage is commonly referred to as early refrigeration and it ensures water retention and lesser microbes in the foodstuffs.

We understand the totally diverse nature of cold storage foodstuffs and provide customized cooling and storage functions. We supply a range of specific carcass chilling rooms for meat, milk chillers for diary products, pre-cooling premises for vegetables and frozen foodstuff in specially designed freezing tunnels. Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has helped hundreds of clients maximize their capacities for ensuring rapid chilling in pre-cooling units.
Under normal conditions a bacterium divides every 20 minutes. Thus, in a period of 8 hours a bacterium is capable of spawning about 16 million descendants. This further reiterates the need for an effective temperature control to reduce microbial risks.

Earlier, fruits were usually cooled in storerooms, however, these days they are cooled in special premises prior to storage. These storage premises allows for the rapid cooling without the need for any over-sizing. Over the years, Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has strived to design flexible cold storage systems, the likes of direct-access storage against the risk plagued conventional storage systems.
Focus on reliability
The optimal preservation of food stuff requisites a harmonized production and cold chain compliance. We fully understand the disastrous consequences that could incur in the event of a break in the cold chain. This spurs us on to ensure the total reliability of our products and services. We specialize in end-to-end cold chain services that start off right from plucking/ slaughtering/ harvesting to the time the product reaches the end customer.
Environmental friendly Refrigerants
The worsening climatic conditions around the world have reinforced our commitment to endorse refrigerants that are easy on the environment. We realized that this the changeover to environment friendly refrigerants could have significant financial implications. However, the long-term benefits of adopting greener technologies more than satisfy it. Montreal and Kyoto protocols have already set deadlines for the phasing out of the ozone depleting refrigant, R22. As the refrigerant manufacturers start the production of the alternative R404A refrigerants, the companies, which still use it, will have to procure it steeper prices. This is where the advantages of having a long-term vision come into play.
Real time tests
We subject our products through countless trials under some of the most demanding environments to ensure their reliability. These trials, combined with feedbacks from hundreds of clients enable Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. to craft sturdy, reliable and function based cold storage devices.

  • Our strengths lie in the fact that our products are crafted keeping the client requirements in concern at all stages of development. We have adopted state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that our products stay one step ahead of our competition and give you a cost effective and reliable solution.
  • Incorporating cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of product quality
  • Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. is at a position where it can perform as a single window logistic and storage solutions for a range of business partners.
  • Pre Cooling Technologies, Pack House processes, Tracking Technologies, Mobile Refrigeration, end-to-end cold storage solutions and Cold Chain Management services. Our stores are built to comply with international standards for cold storage for frozen foods. Our products function within strict guidelines of process control systems that maintain variable temperature settings for different products.
  • Since its inception, Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has been successfully involved in the establishment of a range of cold storage projects. We have installed everything from high capacity meat processing units to super-specific germination rooms.
Vital link between producer and the customer
It might not be very apparent, but the cold storage sector is substantial enough to have a significant impact on the national economy. Cold storage serves as a critical link between the producers and the end consumers of perishable goods. As a consequence, the quality of the cold storage processes has a direct effect on the producer, the intermediate entities and the consumer. Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of this producer-consumer link and works around three core methodologies.

Our products come with new generation electronic control systems that let you connect to remote management systems. This in turn allows you to synchronize several machines in the room. We take care to ensure flawless sound proofing for reduced noise levels.
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. prides itself for its ability to deliver customized cold storage solutions that align perfectly with the clientele requirements.
The units comes fitted with
  • Special type compressor with special cooling
  • Extra large condenser
  • Liquid sight glass
  • Special type evaporator with Line solenoid valve
  • Thermostatic valve for expansion of the refrigerant
  • Compressor crankcase heating
  • Minimum and maximum pressure switches
The Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. Advantage
  • All our products come equipped with an electric panel (IP55) that gives you full control over its function. Our improvised production methods allows for extremely fast assembly coupled with reduced installation costs.
  • Condensers with larger surface area sound proofing and low revolution fans. Further, we have incorporated speed variators that allows the units to cut noise emissions by a sizeable amount.
  • For businesses with space constraints we have a series of split type construction units where the condensing part is installed outside the cold room.
  • Our units are crafted to plug and play, is energy efficient and uses the ozone-friendly refrigerant R404A.
  • Effective cold storage management by means of energy-saving system and ensuring longer product life

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