About Us
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. is a pioneer in agro-marine food processing sector. We are mainly operating from Hongkong and Dubai ( the financial hub of Far East and gate way to middle east. )
Cold Chain Infrastructure
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has more than three decades of experience in the cold storage sector and we have successfully deployed a variety of cold storage infrastructures. Our working methodology is to fuse our profound technical experience and the latest technologies to craft innovative cold storage solutions. We provide a range of efficient plug-in type stationary/mobile refrigeration units and industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has a team of engineers and executives who works in tandem with our clients on all aspects of post harvest management. Our technical team keeps themselves abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the sector to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best.
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has a presence in diverse sectors and caters to clients around the globe. Our core sector, however, is the cold chain infrastructure, which we have been involved with for our three decades now.
Merchandise Trading
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. has a global network of financial advisors and chartists who place a constant watch on the demand of commodity and oil prices. This places us in a position to ensure early detection of events and market trends.

Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. believes in forging a long-term commitment with its clients through an expansive supply chain process. Our network of trading activity centers has unparalleled experience in handling zinc, copper, aluminum and lead trading markets. Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. plays a significant role in the sourcing and marketing of ethanol and bio-diesel.

Low cost housing solutions
Prince Global Future Solutions Ltd. attributes its success in implementing sustainable energy solutions to years of experience in the sector. Our presence in the field enables us to consistently deploy innovative and customized solutions.

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